The Idea! 

NuWorld is a conceptual idea, and system designed to initiate a new approach on moving the world consciously forward at every needed moment. 


NuWorld Movement is composed of a group of programs, initiatives, and platforms focused on connecting and leveraging all progressive efforts toward unified goals. 


NuWorld Platform is a technological platform aimed at equally empowering every person in society with advanced tools to manage and govern themselves. 


It does so by decentralizing most core systems utilized to govern and manage human societies, while (may remove) organizing and utilizing the collective hive intelligence it has gathered in a progressive manner. It has a mobile and web application that gives the power to the user to simply design and customize the interface. It is the next iteration of self-directing and self-learning operating system. This technology will literally allow for him or her to create their own digital world.






Sustainable Energy 

Technology has given us the eyes and evidence, to realize the continuous civil injustice that has been plaguing African people throughout the diaspora. This has crescendo into an outstanding realization that all Africans must reconnect. Africans all over the globe now want to go come!



Smart Villages 

NuWorld Villages are intentional communities rooted around correctly blending technology and nature in a harmonious way to create havens and launching pads for a new era of humanity.


Most NuWorld villages will be equipped with a complete ecosystem necessary to support and sustain life in an earth friendly approach.