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The NuWorld Platform was birthed from the evolving human necessity to create a NuEconomic landscape that empowers and enables every earth citizen to have a level playing field, and an equal chance to pursue the human right of financial wellness. The NuWorld initiative was designed to create a seamless bridge that will merge all core economics systems and processes into one centralized environment, but decentralizing the control and power, by leveraging the worlds most advanced innovative technologies. 



The XChange is a platform of empowerment from farmers, manufacturers, distributors, startups, and existing companies looking to scale their operation. Like Alibaba, but with a blockchain payment gateway documenting payment history, escrow services, and credit building for both parties. Creating a level international playing field for new manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and entrepreneurs to access and instantly monetize their goods and services.


Today, multinational marketplaces are scarce. In response to a growing necessity for an unbiased decentralized marketplace, that allowed for multinational companies and startups to equally share in a market space, utilized by consumer and business across multiple continents. We are introducing a new type of marketplace that Incentivize more use through internal consumption discounts. In addition, it's a seamless end to end payment solution that rewards on-time payments, peer-2-peer lending, with a stable digital currency, in the most secure method possible. Trust is the essential component needed to grow a marketplace and promote growth for those parties who engage. The Blockchain technology is the premier technology that allows for the highest form of encrypted transaction tracking to date.


NuBucks is a revolutionary cryptocurrency utilizing blockchain technology, designed for global currency transactions needed to transfer asset value from one party to another. By starting with countries in central and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa, it is our intent to empower and create more financial

flexibility for those previously marginalized by the high purchase prices and hectic market space of finance and manufacturing. Utilizing NuBucks allows more individuals a seat at the table when interested in global business and investments. This will aid in decentralizing the movement and control of asset value across

international financial barriers and borders.


NuBucks will not only provide a vehicle to transfer assets for big and small companies that engage in global business, but it will also directly integrate with a uniform credit reporting agency for individuals and corporations needing to evaluate risk


nuWorld EpiCenter

NuWorld Epicenter is a complete self-funded community empowerment ecosystem. It is aimed to provide a progressive culture and community of innovators, tools, resources, mentorship, and funding for new and existing world changers. Witness the power of strength through numbers. The facility is set to house over 400 residents, with a huge emphasis on youth empowerment, highlighting the majority of its residents will be under 30 years of age.


The NuWorld Epicenter is a must see if you are a lover of start-up incubation and acceleration ecosystems. This is by far one of the most creative and ambitious efforts to date. This is the first of many nuWorld EpiCenter's you will see across the world!


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